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what's included

What's Included?

Inside, get everything you need to Unlock a life-changing sense of confidence when and where you need it most!

  • My ENTIRE step-by-step system to feeling confident almost instantly! (This works for EVERYONE, even if you're an introvert or shy.)
  • A complete and thorough guide to understanding and leveraging confidence,
  • A full set of accessible tools and strategies you can start implementing right away. (No need to wait for dripped content or weekly calls! Get INSTANT access to everything!)
  • Actionable exercises and activities you can use to reach your goals, generate more money, enjoy stronger relationships, and create your dream life!
  • A supportive private community where you can get all your questions answered and meet other members of the team!

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The Ultimate Guide to Speaking Confidence (Only $17).

Take your new-found confidence creating ability to the next level!

Share your message with the world, start that business or venture, have a positive impact in the world! Whatever you've been dreaming

of doing. If it involves speaking in front of others, getting on stage, or simply inspiring others through your message, this guide is a MUST. Discover the secrets to being BOLD, Confident, and Charismatic on ANY stage without feeling like an imposter or a fake!


"This course is absolutely amazing! Not only have I come away with confidence, but I actually have the tools to move forward!"

Torrie Wrenn Eubanks, CEO

Wrennovate Business Solutions

Who is this for?

This course is for anyone who is looking to do something new, impactful, and amazing. If you've been told you need confidence to accomplish your dreams or goals, if you've been waiting to feel "ready" before taking action, or if you've simply been unclear on how to start taking the steps toward your calling or your purpose, then this is DEFINITELY the course for you!

How does this work?

Within 10 minutes of completing your purchase, you will receive an email with all the infromation you need to access the course content. All of the modules are immediately available!

Why is this so inexpensive?

I have 2 reasons for making this course as accessible as possible. First, I'm tired of "experts" and "gurus" telling people that they can't accomplish their goals and dreams without first working on their confidence, especially since they NEVER tell you just HOW to get that essential confidence. Second, and this is me being 100% honest, I want you to get to know me and the work I do so that you might consider working with me in some of my other programs and courses! πŸ˜‰

Can I get a refund?

Because this is a digital product AND you get instant access to all its content, refunds are not available. I have gone through great lengths to make sure you're getting everything you need to get 10 times the value for a 10th of the investment. I'm sure you will find that the course is well worth the $297 I typically charge for this content, and you're getting it for more than 90% off!

What if I have questions?

When you get access to the course, you also get access to a private community where my students have direct access to me. Feel free to ask any questions you might have inside the group. You can also send a direct email to We typically respond within 48 hours.

Can I work more closely with Marcy?

There are several options for working more closely with me. Links to explore my Group Coaching program TELOS (formerly called ASCEND) are available inside the course content and in the Private community. I am also open to discuss 1:1 coaching. Simply go to and click the button to schedule a FREE call!

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